May Membership Meeting-Filming Wildlife

Presentation by Daniel Biggs

Thursday, May 16, 2024
7 p.m.
Olin Hall Auditorium
Whitman College

(No Zoom for this meeting)

Photographing wildlife is a challenge, yet getting great video of wildlife is even more challenging. In this presentation Daniel Biggs will explain how to get great images and videos when you are out in the field.

Some people can get stuck in a rut, only wanting to take pictures of species that they have never seen before, but after a while, they are taking less and less shots and not experiencing the joy of filming. However, the world of nature can open itself up again by moving from stills to video.

“I really want to encourage people to start moving towards shooting video. Video reveals more about natural behavior, is more engaging, more challenging, and has less competition in the realm of what has already been done. There are still new frontiers that can be found in shooting wildlife videos.”

Timing, location, gear, settings, audio, and editing will all be covered. Some of Daniel’s work will be showcased and he will also share what happened behind the scenes. Whether you are a seasoned photographer or beginner, there will be something here for everyone.

Daniel Biggs
Over the years Daniel Biggs has filmed 7 TV shows starting with a series called, “The Art of Lake Fly Fishing” which was shot in Central Oregon. His most recent work, “The Secret Life of the Desert: Deserts of the Pacific Northwest” is a 17-part series which took three years to film with Mike Denny leading the expeditions and providing the priceless narration. Daniel has been awarded three Telly Awards which honored his work among national and international talent. Recently, Daniel has been hired by Walla Walla Community College to be the full-time head photographer and videographer.

Daniel Biggs
Photos courtesy of Daniel Biggs

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