April Fieldtrip: Bluebirds on your own

Celebrate Spring with Bluebirds in the Blues

Beautiful Bluebirds are back in the Blues. Having a caravan of cars doesn’t work well to see
these treasures; they are flighty so those behind will miss out. So here’s how to get to several
areas they can be found. Many thanks to George Jameson for the amazing directions and
photos. George, Tom Scribner and Mike and MerryLynn Denny have been working for years
putting up these boxes in Bluebird habitat. So pick a nice day and have a Bluebird adventure,
and please, do not disturb the boxes.
Jasper Mountain: 25-30 miles, Western and Mt Bluebirds, great views of the Blues.
Take Hwy 12 east, go through Dixie then up and down the hill. The first road to the right is
McCowen, take it, cross Coppei Creek and stay straight up the hill. At the top, stay right at the
Y. You are now on Japser Mt Road. Follow it up until you see trees on the left. At this point
there will be Bluebird boxes along the fence line. Walk or drive slowly to enjoy them, as well
as the views and wildflowers. Bluebirds will continue to the top, especially when it opens up
again to fields. If you have time, at the T, go left and then continue L onto Whiskey Creek
road. After about a mile it will open to fields, with many bluebird boxes along the fence line.
You can continue on down this road, but it is steep. It connects with Hogeye road which
connects to Hwy 12 between Waitsburg and Dayton.
Patit Creek Road, Dayton: 45 miles total, lots of Mountain Bluebirds, great panoramas
Take Hwy 12 to Dayton. On the east end of town, just past Seneca plant, take Patit Creek
Road to the right. Continue up about 14 miles and you’ll see Bluebird Boxes. At the stop sign,
turn R. The road is now gravel but on a ridgeline with beautiful views. Enjoy!

Western Bluebird by George Jameson

Mountain Bluebird by George Jameson

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  1. Alison KirbyMD

    This is wonderful! Thanks for the recommendation. Grateful appreciation to George, Tom, Mike & MerryLynn.
    ~Alison Kirby

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