March Field Trip-Sandhill Cranes!

On Saturday March 23, join Jim and Sue Parrish as they lead a trip to Snively Road in
West Richland to see Sandhill Cranes up close and personal.

At this location, the cranes are usually within a hundred yards of the road, offering great opportunities to view and
photograph them as they land, dance and call. Meet at Whitman at 8am, bring cameras and binoculars and some snacks. We’ll caravan in our own cars and return to WW by 1:00 pm.

The annual Othello Sandhill crane festival will also be happening that weekend, so there’s the option of extending your day trip up to Othello. Prepare to be amazed by these beautiful prehistoric looking birds.

Directions to Snively Rd: (just in case)
Take Hwy 12 to Tri-Cities. After Crossing the Columbia River, stay in the Right lane and take exit
4, Hwy 240W. Stay on 240 W (it makes a Left hand turn at signal after airport) and continue past
Horn Rapids Golf course to Twin Bridges Rd. Take a L on Twin Bridges and then a Right onto North
Snively Road. After a few hundred yards, pull over, roll down the windows and enjoy the cranes.

sandhill cranes flying

sandhill cranes flying by Jim Parrish

Sandhill Cranes by Sue Parrish

Sandhill Cranes by Sue Parrish

6 thoughts on “March Field Trip-Sandhill Cranes!

  1. Mimi Nye

    We live in Umatilla and have visited the Snively location the last two years. Last year there were thousands of cranes in mid March. We took a look today (February 29, 2024) and have a question. The corn is still standing and we are concerned that may be a problem for the cranes trying to land and congregate. The last few years the corn had been harvested. Do you know anything about who owns and manages the field?


    1. Jeanette Bennett

      Wikipedia says the Sandhill Cranes eat the corn that falls on the ground during harvest. The owners may well have planted the corn just for the cranes and that is why it wasn’t harvested.

        1. Mimi Nye

          Thanks for your reply on this. I have returned to look at the cranes a few times since my question. Now I see what the farmer was doing. He harvested the corn, and put cattle in to graze. At that point there were few cranes. Once he removed the cattle, the cranes came in. He subsequently flooded the field. Now there are many more cranes close to Snively Road. I found out that the farm specializes in bird habitat. They do seem to know what they are doing!

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