2023 Christmas Bird Count

Blue Mountain Audubon’s annual Christmas Bird Count will be held on December 16th.

This means teams of birders will spend the day birding assigned segments of a large circular area centered in Walla Walla. Each team will be responsible for recording species seen, as well as
numbers of birds within each species. Afterwards, we’ll meet at Fort Walla museum for a potluck, and a wrap up tally of what birds were found. If you are interested in participating in this fun event, contact MerryLynn Denny, as she is creating the birding teams. She can be reached at m.denny@charter.net or 509-529-0080.

We’ll meet at 7:30 am in the Harper Joy parking lot at Whitman, bird much of the day, and then regroup at 5:00 pm at Fort Walla Walla museum. Even if you don’t participate in the
count, feel free to join in on the potluck. It’s always great fun learning what was found, great food, and a chance to meet the birding crowd of our valley.

Christmas Bird Count 22

Christmas Bird Count 22

Potluck Dinner after Bird Count 22 All photos courtesy of Sue Parrish

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