Intermountain Shorebird Survey

Trina Bayard, Audubon Washington Director of Bird Conservation wrote:

Dear Blue Mountain Audubon chapter leaders,

I’m thrilled to share the news about a new community science opportunity coming to Eastern Washington this spring. The Intermountain West Shorebird Survey began last year with great success, ~200 volunteers surveyed over 110 sites in 8 of 11 western states – and the project is now seeking to expand to remaining states like Washington. Spring surveys will occur from April 24th-30th! Please consider joining this monumental effort as we expand the network across the region and advance wetland and water conservation at over 200 sites.

What is the Intermountain West Shorebird Survey?

Migratory shorebirds are key indicators of environmental health. They can tell us about the health of an individual ecosystem and the broader wetland networks upon which they rely.

Wetlands and saline lakes of the Intermountain West are oases for migrating shorebirds each spring and fall. Much has changed since the last comprehensive shorebird survey of the region in 1989-1995, and this program is replicating that census so we can better manage shorebirds today and into the future.

The goals of the Intermountain West Shorebird Survey aim to sustain shorebird populations by empowering and inspiring stakeholders to take actions that conserve wetlands and water. The surveys will:

Document shorebird populations at 189 sites using synchronous surveys at 200+ sites during spring and fall migrations for at least 3 years.
Compare shorebird populations today to those from 1989-1995 and identify factors that influence shorebird distributions.
Communicate scientific results to participants and conservation stakeholders including land and water managers and policy makers.
Ideal shorebird surveyors:

Have a passion for birds and time outdoors,
Can commit to one survey day in the spring and one survey day in the fall, and allow some flexibility for scheduling around bad weather,
Will be safety conscience and cooperate with field partners,
Can collect high quality data in the field,
Can identify shorebirds in breeding and non-breeding plumage.
How can you help?

We need volunteers this April! Please help us spread the word, sign up as a lead observer for counting shorebirds or as support for a lead observer, any contribution helps ensure that shorebirds count!

Save the dates!
April 10th, 2023 – Shorebird Site Reconnaissance Webinar
April 17th, 2023 – Survey Protocol and Training Webinar
April 24th-April 30th, 2023: Spring 2023 Peak Shorebird Survey Window – get out and count shorebirds!
Mileage reimbursements are available.
Ready to get involved? Contact Trina Bayard at <>

Questions? Reach out to: Max Malmquist, Engagement Manager, Audubon Saline Lakes Program,



Trina Bayard, Ph.D.

Director of Bird Conservation


Audubon Washington

5902 Lake Washington Blvd. S.

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