“Restoration Takes Flight: Creating Ecosystem Diversity” with Eric Hoverson – May Membership Meeting

Thursday, May 19 at 7 p.m.
Olin Hall, Room 129 on the Whitman College campus
Proof of COVID Vaccination required; all attendees must wear an N95 or KN95 mask

Restoration Takes Flight: Creating Ecosystem Diversity

Holistic ecosystem treatment strategies in the form of Protection, Restoration and Enhancement are effective means of creating ecological biotic diversity. These actions can be implemented on a small scale, such as one’s backyard, or on a grand watershed sized scale, considering ridge top to ridgetop and all that lies in between. Both approaches can provide important contributions in regard to improving the suitability for target species, and ultimately species recovery and long term sustainability. Using a wide variety of techniques that focus on creating a mosaic of habitat diversity and complexity features to fulfill requirements for all life stages and throughout the seasons as we encourage departure from the biological desert conditions of a mono-cultured landscape. We can all help fulfill the ecological needs of our admired avian residents and visitors with our cumulative efforts towards reversing spiraling population trends.

Eric Hoverson is from the vicinity of Wisconsin’s “Driftless Area”, famous for having the highest concentration of trout streams in the world as a result of abundant spring water inputs weaving through rugged landscapes resulting from land areas spared and untouched by glacial movement. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in biology with Fisheries emphasis, and a minor in Water Resources from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. He has 35 years of professional employment experience in the discipline of identifying and rectifying habitat deficiencies to enhance salmonid populations but also studied Black Ducks in North Carolina and developed the initial curriculum and taught Watershed Restoration 220 at the college level for three years. Eric served as the President elect for Trout Unlimited Chapter 551. His current position is with the Walla Walla Basin Watershed Council in Milton-Freewater, Oregon as a Watershed Enhancement Specialist. His natural resource managerial philosophy is one of holistic, ecological inclusion, while avoiding limitations associated with being salmonid-centric. This allows one to honor the connectivity of all biotic forms and fosters harmonious, interactive ecosystem processes to strike balance and function efficiently. “I am passionate about fish & wildlife management, which to me is the meaning of my life and therefore I practice this both on and off work by creating sustainable ecosystems for a wide variety of species at various degrees of magnitude. I have enjoyed building and installing hundreds of birdhouses with help from my Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and making my wife’s ever expanding Bug-Eyes Bird Farm Aviary dreams a reality as we continue to transform our 4-acre heaven to a wildlife sanctuary from an overgrazed sheep pasture.”

Walla Walla Basin Watershed Office

Bird Boxes, courtesy of Eric Hoverson

Eric Hoverson, photo courtesy of Eric Hoverson

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