Two October Birding Adventures

by Sue Parrish

#1: October 19th, 6:00 pm, Bennington Lake

October brings fall colors, a full moon, and skies full of flying waterfowl. If this sounds like fun, join Sue Parrish and Chris Howard for a full moon walk at Bennington Lake on October 19th. We will watch the moon rise over the Blues, enjoy the colors of sunset, and of course keep our eyes and ears open for birds. Often hundreds of geese and ducks fly into the lake after sunset, calling to each other as they land. Great Blue Heron, Killdeer and other shorebirds can be found along the lake’s edges. Great Horned Owls are often seen perched in the trees, as well as heard hooting across the lake. Perhaps a beaver or two will be seen swimming across the lake, bringing a branch to stash in their winter storehouse. Meet in the parking lot at 6:00 and bring a flashlight, sturdy shoes, and a sense of adventure.

#2: Mt. View Cemetery Owl Prowl (anytime and on your own).

If Great Horned Owls are your thing, check out Mountain View Cemetery. About 45 minutes before sunset, park on Howard Street or at Prospect Point School and walk into the cemetery. Listen for two things; their characteristic two or three deep hoots, as well as the raspy screech of a young Great Horned. Follow the hoots or screech and you should be able to locate the owl(s) which are often sitting on tombstones. We usually find two or three in the middle area of the cemetery, close to Linden and Meridian Streets. Finding owls in a cemetery, and especially on tombstones, makes for a quick evening birding adventure with a bit of spooky flair. And please keep in mind that the cemetery closes at “dusk” so please leave before it gets dark.

Full Moon at Bennington

Full Moon at Bennington by Sue Parrish

Great Horned Owl by Jim Parrish

Great Horned Owl by Jim Parrish

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