May Membership Meeting- Native plants in our gardens: habitat for bees and other insects

Thursday, May 20 at 7:00 pm, virtual meeting. Link to the video recording of this talk is below.

Creating wildlife habitat in the urban setting for our native insects is becoming increasingly important in efforts to slow the widespread decrease in insect abundance and diversity that results from various anthropogenic factors, including habitat destruction. The current state, country, and global-level movements that emphasize more sustainable, native, biodiverse, and low-water garden and park landscaping requires an understanding of how to select and maintain native plants, avoidance of pesticides, and shifts in our ideals of what gardens should look like, with a return to the more natural appearance.

Heidi Dobson is a Professor of biology at Whitman College, where she has been teaching since 1992; she holds a MS in entomology and PhD in botany. Her research addresses bee-flower interactions, with a special focus on wild solitary bees and the plants on which they collect and consume pollen; she has conducted research in different parts of the world, especially Sweden and Walla Walla. She has recently become keenly interested in native plant gardens and creating wildlife habitat for local insects.

Link to the May Membership Talk by Dr. Heidi Dobson

Heidi Dobson's mid-summer native garden

Heidi Dobson’s mid-summer native garden-courtesy photo

Heidi Dobson, PhD

Heidi Dobson, Ph. D, courtesy photo

2 thoughts on “May Membership Meeting- Native plants in our gardens: habitat for bees and other insects

  1. Lara

    I saw your FB post shared by Liz on her My Town Walla Walla page.

    Will non-members be able to see this, either the Zoom meeting or maybe posted on something like YouTube later?

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