Membership Letter 2019

Blue Mountain Audubon Society
P.O. Box 1106
Walla Walla, WA 99362
August, 2019 Discover and return to Local Trails!

Dear Member and Friend,
Greetings! As summer edges into fall, and the clock and weather signal to the birds and bees, we join nature and direct our thoughts to a new season. Our valley is so blessed with beauty and birds. Help Blue Mountain Audubon stay strong and active.
September, 2019, brings a return of: our newsletter, The Magpiper ; monthly meetings through May; and adventurous field trips—including the annual Christmas Bird Count. All provide local (sometimes unforgettable!) opportunities to learn and experience together the natural world.
In order to stay informed and involved, please remit your yearly local dues of $25.00 (per family) by October 1. We changed to a digital newsletter last January, so share with us your email address, otherwise we cannot reach you directly. Email to us at If you are a member of national Audubon, you are automatically a local member too. However we urge you to contribute to the local, as the national organization shares very little of its dues.
To experience this photograph first hand, visit the Natural Area across from Fort Walla Walla Museum. Find it off Myra Road where the trails are marked. BMAS members maintain the Arthur G. Rempel trails there, and help to keep the area a haven for animals and birds. It’s a place of mystery and wonder where you will see many wild plants, ancient trees, and, if you’re quiet, a variety of animal life.
Other wonderful trails are along Mill Creek and Bennington Lake where birders can see water birds as well as song birds and raptors in all seasons.
For more information check out the website and Facebook for recent bird sightings. Join us September 19th, at Whitman College, 129 Olin Hall at 7 PM. Mike Denny will be the featured speaker.
Thank you for staying involved!
Membership co-chairs: Melissa Webster and Holly Howard

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