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Many of you have seen or used the Birding Oregon Site Guide published and maintained by the East Cascade Audubon Society in Bend. I am proud (and very happy) to announce the completion of the latest revision of this site guide.

First, for those who ask, what is the Birds of Oregon Site Guide? This online guide gives directions and pertinent information to over 1100 birding locations in Oregon. It is organized by county and is meant to be used by Oregon birders and visitors from out of state.

This new version is designed to be more user friendly and more technology friendly. You can now use the site guide, in conjunction with your smart phone’s navigation capabilities, to get turn by turn
directions to the most popular birding areas in the state. If you travel around the state, I recommend you create an icon on your phone or desktop so access can be swift and painless. Just use your browser and go to the ECAS Website ( Click on the map of Oregon and you are in the site guide. Link your desktop or main screen icons to this page and you can save a couple of steps (If you don’t know how to do this, you know the drill. Ask your 9 year old daughter or grandson). This way, gps coordinates, maps, eBird checklists and much more are right at your fingertips. It’s never been easier to find birding locations in Oregon.

What if you don’t have time to visit a bunch of locations? What if you are unfamiliar with the county you are visiting? No problem. Check out the Seasonal Hotspot table for each county and you will find the three best places to bird in each season. There are even DeLorme map page
numbers and coordinates for the old school and the technology challenged.

Give the new Birding Oregon Site Guide a try. Use your desktop computer to open the page above. Bookmark that page or create a desktop icon. Then explore a part of the state unfamiliar to you. Click on all the different hyperlinks to see all the great info you can access about that
location. Then, go to the same website on your phone and create an icon that will allow quick and easy access to the guide. Open the guide on your phone and you will find a slightly different interface. Click on the menu icon in the upper right corner and choose “Locations”. Now your in. I recommend a couple of practice runs to familiar locations. With a little practice, your phone will become your birding guide.

Are you interested in checklists for certain counties. These are available on ECAS main page under “Birding Oregon” or on your phone under the menu icon.

There you have it. A new and impr oved site. Check it out. Thanks to over 100 Oregon birders for making the best state guides in the country. It’s made for birders by birders and IT’S FREE, courtesy of the East Cascades Audubon. Now get out your day planners and start exploring this wonderful state.

P.S. As always, if you find mistakes or have suggestions, please feel free to contact me.

Chuck Gates
Powell Butte,
Central Oregon
Oregon Birding Site Guide!birding-locations/clvb
Oregon County Checklists!county-checklists/c1s34

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