March Membership Meeting

Thursday, March 16
A Resource Management Dilemma: Salmon, Fish-Eating Birds, Sea Lions, Bass, or Minnows
presented by Dennis Dauble
7 p.m.
Whitman College
Olin Hall, Room 129
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Declining runs of salmon and steelhead indicate natural resource managers are fighting a losing battle. One option (among many) is to implement measures that reduce predation. Predation on juvenile salmon by colonial waterbirds and piscivorous fish is an ongoing issue. Predation on adult salmon by marine mammals is another major source of mortality, along with sport and commercial harvest. Dauble’s talk will discuss the rationale for predator control in the Columbia River basin, what it means to salmon recovery, and potential consequences to fish-eating birds, marine mammals, and resident fish populations.

Dr. Dennis Dauble is a retired fisheries scientist whose research background includes dam removal, freshwater habitat restoration, and ecology of migratory and resident fishes. In his second career as an outdoor writer, he contributes to regional magazines and newspapers, is author of the natural history guidebook. Fishes of the Columbia Basin, three short-story collections about “human behaviors and fishing,” and a recent memoir titled, Chasing Ghost Trout.

His website is and he misses his Mom, Priscilla.

White Pelican courtesy of Dennis Dauble

Dennis Dauble


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