Field Trip Twist for a New Year! by Sue Parrish

Happy 2021 and Hallelujah for the end of 2020!! Since we’re all staying home for a few more months anyway, how about this month we try a stay-at-home bird watching event? Let’s do the Walla Walla version of Cornell’s Great Backyard Bird Count!
Here’s how it will work:

Pick a day between January 10 and 15th to spend some time (15 min to hours, it’s up to you) watching the birds in your yard. Tally them by species and #’s and send in your results to Sue Parrish at I’ll tally them by species and # of individuals, as well as participants. Results will be published in the February Magpiper. Who will get the honors of most backyard birds, or rarest? Lure them in a few days early with lots of seed and suet, get out those binoculars, have a beverage and a human treat ready and enjoy! After all this practice, consider taking part in Cornells event in February.
Here’s the info taken from Audubon’s website:
The 24th annual GBBC (Great Backyard Bird Count) will be held Friday, February 12 through Monday February 15th, 2021. Please visit the official website at for more information.

However, if you’re up for a little more adventuresome birding, consider a winter trip to the Enterprise/Joseph Oregon area. The roads north of Enterprise are a great place to find Lapland Longspurs and snow buntings, and possible redpolls. Goshawks, Bald eagles, and maybe Gyrfalcons can be seen perched in the trees between the two towns, and who knows what you’ll find in the forest at the south end of Wallowa Lake? In any case, it’s a beautiful day trip.

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