Christmas Bird Count 2020

The 47th Annual Christmas Bird Count will be held Sunday December 20, 2020.
This year’s count will be very different because of COVID-19. MerryLynn will still be
organizing the count as far as who goes where. Those of you who have participated in the
past and want to cover “your” area – please let MerryLynn know by Dec 15.

There will be no gathering on the morning of the count to hand out clipboards. The
sheets will be attached to the Magpiper, so those participating can download it. As far as
starting time – we usually try for 7:30 a.m., but it will be up to those who come out – just
be sure you fill out the form. There will be a Zoom meeting at 5:30 pm on the 20th
to share the highlights of the day – and results can be sent to MerryLynn via email.

Feeder counters are appreciated – as long as you are within 7 miles of Bennington
Lake – the center of the count circle. Send your count in by email as well.

Bennington Birding 2019

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