November Field Trip-Turkey Trot

Foliage, Feathers, and Turkeys

With a beautiful fall upon us, it’s time to get out and enjoy the gorgeous colors and find some birds, besides. November has historically been Turkey Trot time for Audubon. If you want to find a few flocks of these gobblers, it’s best to head to the hills. Hot spots that our turkey expert, Tom Scribner, has led us to in years past include this route, on which turkeys can be found most of the way.

Start on Scenic loop, just off of Russel Creek road. Besides turkeys, you get beautiful views up the Mill Creek Canyon. After going down to Mill Creek, take a left onto Mill Creek Road and then a right onto Blue Creek Road. Enjoy the view at the four-way intersection at the top, and then take a left which will connect to Highway 12. Head east on Hwy 12, and at the top of the hill past Dixie, turn right onto Lewis Peak Road. Very quickly take a left onto Walker Road which will take you to Coppeii Road. Go left along the riparian area. Keep your eyes out for owls and shrikes, and of course turkeys. Stay left at each intersection and you will reconnect with Highway 12. If you’re feeling energetic, head to Dayton, and go most of the way through town, take a right on the road with the Ski Bluewood sign. This will lead up the beautiful Touchet valley. At Wolf Fork Road, turn right and head up this valley. Loads of turkey should be found, as well as deer and possible elk. Be sure to check the big trees for great horned owls. On your way back to Walla Walla, enjoy the fall vistas, and remember how lucky we are to live here.

– Sue Parrish, Field Trip Coordinator

Turkey Trot

Turkeys by Sue Parrish

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