A Walking Guide to the Big Trees of Walla Walla

The 3rd Edition of the Big Trees guide is now available. Recently updated by Gayle F. Bodorff and Thomas Mair, this guide was originally published by Shirley Muse, one of the founders of Blue Mountain Aububon in 1998.

Readers of this 3rd edition of Walking Guide to the Big Trees of Walla Walla will discover that the editors have been freed to include more types of trees, more maps, and unlike previous editions, actual guided walking tours.

Unfortunately, 29% of trees listed in Shirley Muses’s original guide have been lost or altered, thereby disqualifying them.

To see a video introducing the Tree Guide, please visit: https://youtu.be/-2zJPAhmkBA

Members may obtain a copy of the Guide by emailing Chris Howard, chrish.734 @gmail.com. Or text or call Chris at 509–386-5827.

Big trees of Walla Walla-Photo courtesy of Kathy Howard

3 thoughts on “A Walking Guide to the Big Trees of Walla Walla

  1. Gail Beeson

    Do you happen to know if anyone has put out a map showing where these places are that’re mentioned in the Summer Field Trip ideas? We’re new enough that we simply don’t know where to go for birds. Mentioning a park or highway isn’t very helpful since we may not (probably don’t) know where the park is and where off the highway to stop and get out!
    Thanks for your insight.

    1. Kathryn Howard Post author

      HI Gail, Unfortunately, no one has made a map about the Summer Field Trip ideas. But I can pass on your thoughts to our Field Trip Coordinator to mention the park, highway and other landmarks that would help identify these locations. Thank you.

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