Summer Field Trip Ideas


            I don’t know about you, but birding has been a lifesaver during this strange time of quarantines and social distancing.  Nothing is better than getting out in nature and enjoying our feathered friends as well as the beauty of our area.  So for some summer ideas, I checked through the history of BMAS trips taken during the summer months. Here are some ideas.

            Day trips taken in June have included visiting the N and S forks of Coppei Creek, heading up Jasper Mt, or a trip to Pomeroy’s Bluebird Trail.  Anywhere in the Blues is sure to bring good chances of finding a variety of birds, as well as wildflowers and butterflies. Summit road past Tollgate is especially gorgeous in late June, as well as Target Meadows.  A day trip to Juniper Dunes is always fun, or head the other direction to wander in the Ladd Marsh area close to LaGrande.   If campgrounds open up, a trip to Fields Springs or Malheur can sure be worth the time and effort.

            By July, the snow should be gone in higher elevations, so day trips to Woodward Park, Bald Mt, Eckler Mt and Godman Springs can be beautiful and productive.  And if you’re feeling energetic, a hike up Oregon Butte rewards with stunning views, beautiful flowers, and in August, huckleberries.

            Hopefully by later August, we will be able to have our outing to the Whitman Mission, as well as a potluck in the shelter afterwards. In the meantime, find those birds, enjoy nature, but most of all stay safe and healthy.

  • Sue Parrish, Field Trip Coordinator

Rednaped Sapsucker – Photo courtesy of Jim Parrish                                                                  

                             Wilson’s Warbler- Photo courtesy of Jim Parrish


                               Wildflowers of the Blues- Photo courtesy of Jim Parrish

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