September 20 Meeting – The Lives of Crows and Ravens – 7:00 PM

New Meeting Location: Hall of Science, Brattain Auditorium, Room 101 at 7 p.m

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The Lives of Crows and Ravens by Elena Fox

Crows are so common in our environment it is easy to take them for granted. Ravens are less common in town, but still abundant throughout the region. Find out more about these smart and smart-alecky birds and how they interact with the world of humans. We’ll talk about the rich community lives of crows, ravens’ bond with other species, and we’ll explore some of the gifts and abilities of both that fascinate us, concern us, and put them at risk.

Elena Fox Biography- As a wildlife rehabilitator and educator, Elena Fox has spent many years in the company of birds, including crows and ravens.
Born here and raised a military brat, she came home to Walla Walla last year with her husband, two roosters, nine hens, two crows, and a raven.

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