May 18th 7:00 PM Meeting – The Beaver Believers – RM 129 Olin Hall

Sarah Koenigsberg is a filmmaker and photographer who’s work explores issue of art, environment, and community in the Interior West.

Her upcoming film, The Beaver Believers, celebrates the vision, energy, and dedication of a handful of scientists and activists who share a passion for restoring the North American Beaver, Castor Canadensis, to much of its former habitat and range. As a side project, she worked with one of her main characters, biologist Kent Woodruff of the Methow Beaver Project, and the Methow Salmon Recovery Foundation, to dive deeper into the emerging field of Climate Adaptation. Called the “10 Decades Project,” this effort specifically challenges land managers and activists to shift their conceptual framework to more intentionally address the unavoidable impacts of climate change, becoming proactive rather than reactive in their management strategies.

Using the Methow Beaver Project as successful and heartwarming case study, the resultant 25-minute film “One Stick at a Time” illustrates that by embracing this new lens of adaptation there is much that we can do to not just survive – but thrive – in our changing world. See and for more information.

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