February 16th Meeting – Catching Collared Lizards: Somebody’s Gotta Do It

Thursday February 16th 7:00 PM Room Olin Hall, Room 129
Catching Collared Lizards: Somebody’s Gotta Do It.
Delbert Hutchison, Associate Professor of Biology, Whitman College

The Pleistocene was a time of tremendous climatic change; species either went extinct, adapted, or moved in response to the increasing cold. This talk focuses on one species, the collard lizard, and tells the story of how that species dealt with the ecological challenges of that time and those that have come since. The fascinating thing is that historical forces also leave patterns in DNA of living organisms that can help us untangle what happened. It is a classic example of evolution at work in populations in a relatively short time. Plus, collared lizards are just cool.

Delbert Hutchison earned a Ph.D. from Washington University in St. Louis. His research interests include: phylogeography and population genetics; natural history of the Blue Mountains. At Whitman, he teaches courses in conversation biology, evolutionary biology, biostatistics, natural history, genetics16th

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