May Presentation - MANY WATERS
Natural History of the Walla Walla Valley and Vicinity

Many Waters

7:00 PM Room 130 - Olin Hall - Whitman College Campus
Thursday May 21st, 2015 - *** Note New Room Number ***

Bob Carson, Professor of Geology and Environmental Studies at Whitman College, with help from Professor of Geology Patrick Spencer, and Mike Denny, President of the Blue Mountain Audubon Society, and using paintings by local artist Leslie Cain and photographs by Duane Scroggins and others, will summarize the natural history of the Walla Walla drainage basin from the crest of the Blue Mountains to the Columbia River.

Upcoming Field Trips

May 30th - Summer Birds - 7:30 AM

Nashville Warbler
Join Rodger and Ginger Shoemake as they take a leisurely walk along Foster Road and South Fork Russell Creek Road looking and listening for summer migrants. By the end of May all the summer nesting birds should be back. We will be looking for yellow-breasted chats and other warblers, flycatchers, hummingbirds, vireos, Bullock's orioles, black-headed grosbeaks, house wrens and more. Early morning is the best time to see and hear the birds.

This will be a half-day trip and will involve some walking so dress accordingly. Bring water, a snack and a friend or two. Meet at Harper Joy Theatre.



June 13th - Wildflowers in the Blues - 8:00 AM

It's time again for a trip to the Tollgate area of the Blue Mountains to look for wildflowers. Jeff Fredson and Cheryl Baker will lead this trip taking over from Priscilla Dauble who has led this special trip for many years. In the past we have seen as many as 80 different species of wildflowers.

This will be an all-day trip and we will be doing quite a bit of walking so bring plenty of food and water. Check the weather forecast and dress accordingly. Don't forget your binoculars and field guides if you have them. We will meet at the Harper Joy Theater parking lot and car pool. If you have questions contact Jeff Fredson 541-215-0532 or Cheryl Baker


June 27th - All about Butterflies with Mike Denny - 8:00AM

Beckers White Butterfly
Details about this trip will be available later on the Blue Mountain Webpage and on our Facebook page. Mark the date now-this is a trip you won't want to miss. Mike is passionate about butterflies and is a wonderful teacher!






Come join us as we walk around Bennington Lake on Tuesday mornings. It's fun to see what birds are present at different times of the year and to enjoy the changes of the seasons at the lake. The walks last 2-3 hours. We do not walk in inclement weather.

The start time for the walks will change with the seasons. For more information E-mail Ginger Shoemake